Why SMART goals are not smart when it comes to weightloss

Why SMART goals are not smart when it comes to weightloss

It is not always smart to set a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time limited) goal when it comes to fat loss unless you are a pro-athlete. It is not always beneficial to start preparing for wedding/photoshoot/beach holiday/meeting/party/whatever in a way an athlete would start preparing for fitting into certain weight category or bodybuilding show.

Here is why SMART can play against you.


Why do you want to lose 6 pounds and not 8 pounds? Will you not be happy with losing 4?


It is hard to measure success precisely due to different factors influencing volume, weight, body composition at any particular moment in time) I can help you to do it though: https://www.ocoach-fitness.co.uk/services/


9 out of 10 goals people set in these cases are unachievable
No, you cannot get summer body in 3 weeks.


How you look at any particular point in time is irrelevant. Your lifestyle, habit, self-esteem-independent-on-how-much-you-weigh and your health – are.


When professional bodybuilders set their goals they allow a good few extra weeks to account for a social event, unforeseen circumstances etc. You almost can never precisely predict how fast or slow your progress will go in the longer term.

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