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  • What really happens when women start lifting weights

    By on 28/11/2018

    Are you afraid of lifting weights? Are afraid of gaining muscles? I know wher it is coming from. But…

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  • Why weight cycling is even worse for women

    By on 12/09/2018

    Not only weight cycling causes a significant psychological damage. Your lower body will store proportionally more and more fat,…

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  • How to lose weight for a photoshoot?

    By on 28/05/2018

    A photo shoot…Usually, I would start dieting a couple of weeks before because I desperately need to look good…

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  • Are you buying into bullsh*t?

    By on 10/03/2018

    What sources of information do you trust when it comes to health and fitness? Being selective about these sources…

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  • 1st January. Monday. It is time to detox! (Just kidding)

    By on 01/01/2018

    New year new you. But it does not mean you need to urgently run somewhere and do something. Fior…

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  • 5 reasons you should stay away from ballerinas’ fitness advice

    By on 27/11/2017

    Most women want to look like a ballerina. Therefore they will happily take on board whatever advice they get…

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  • This is how to eat oats and lose fat

    By on 21/03/2017

    Oats can be a very fat-loss friendly food. If you cook it right, they give some health benefits, low…

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  • Women, Bars and Shakes

    By on 12/03/2017

    Do protein bars and shakes help women to achieve more toned body or will we grow fat or bulky?

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  • The 5 Most Common Mistakes On The Way To Weight-Loss

    By on 11/02/2017

    How many times have you started a diet and fail? Maybe it is time to rethink the approach. Pushing…

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  • Does training with weights make women bulky?

    By on 02/09/2015

    When muscles grow a bit and body fat remains the same, it may look bulky. Remove fat from that…

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