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  • Was it a good workout?

    By on 18/03/2019

    If you want to lose weight, a good workout is not the one that makes you sweat, makes you…

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  • How to lose weight for a photoshoot?

    By on 28/05/2018

    A photo shoot…Usually, I would start dieting a couple of weeks before because I desperately need to look good…

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  • The Hungry Brain

    By on 05/09/2017

    Why don’t some high career achievers lose weight? They obviously cannot lack willpower. There is something behind the willpower…

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  • How Does Stress Make Us Fat? An Interview With a Doctor.

    By on 30/08/2017

    Every single client of mine is stressed. This is not because of me 🙂 A demanding...

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  • This is how to eat oats and lose fat

    By on 21/03/2017

    Oats can be a very fat-loss friendly food. If you cook it right, they give some health benefits, low…

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  • Women, Bars and Shakes

    By on 12/03/2017

    Do protein bars and shakes help women to achieve more toned body or will we grow fat or bulky?

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  • Satiety and fat loss

    By on 03/11/2015

    It is important to know which foods to combine to make your meals healthy, low calorie and satiating, when…

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