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  • What really happens when women start lifting weights

    By on 28/11/2018

    Are you afraid of lifting weights? Are afraid of gaining muscles? I know wher it is coming from. But…

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  • 6 Fitness Hacks: How To Do Less And Be Amazing

    By on 25/11/2018

    What does fitness lifestyle really is? Is it running around with protein shakes and food containers smashing 2 workouts…

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  • How to lose weight for a photoshoot?

    By on 28/05/2018

    A photo shoot…Usually, I would start dieting a couple of weeks before because I desperately need to look good…

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  • 3 Effective Steps To Exterminate Cellulite Forever

    By on 05/01/2018

    Women vs cellulite. The war is on. The struggle is real. It may feel like you simply must take…

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  • Bikini Competition

    By on 24/08/2015

    Here is my what I did to get on stage again in a bikini competition and how I got…

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