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Fat Loss, Nutrition, Personal Trainer in Sheffield

If you cannot cope with cravings and stick to a diet, if you are confused about conflicting info on the internet, and therefore cannot lose weight and/or maintain the results. And… if you are not happy how your body feels.

I will teach you:

  • what foods are the best for your lifestyle and metabolic profile;
  • how to eat the foods you love and lose weight;
  • how to deal with cravings and binges;
  • what type of physical activity is the best for you;
  • how to train so that you get results fast;
  • how to train for fat-loss and get toned and strong without getting bulky.

You will:

  • get a crystal clear understanding of a healthy diet;
  • stop the eternal fight with cravings;
  • enjoy your food;
  • shed the pounds;
  • never yoyo diet again;
  • come to peace with your body;
  • if you can train with me, get strong, toned and look good naked.

Lose fat and learn how to maintain and/or continue losing it without me! So that you never waste money on diet plans, clubs or unnecessary supplements. 🙂

Nutrition Only

4-weeks subscription: nutrition for fat loss

I will guide you through the fat-loss journey and we will achieve results together. You get weekly food diary analysis, motivation and support via preferred messenger or email with unlimited number of questions and answers. You will lose weight sustainably and keep it off. We’ll meet every 2 weeks for re-assessment and adjustments of your diet. I will teach you all the tools you need for evidence-based weight loss: from tracking macronutrients to overcoming cravings and emotional eating.

What to expect:

Day 1 – Measurements, assessments, and plan of action: diet strategy for the next 2 weeks. 
Day 14  – After 2 weeks we meet again to re-assess, analyse your food diary and make adjustments for the next 2 weeks.
Day 28 – Meeting for measurements, food diary analysis and celebrating success (while planning steps towards further achievements).


Nutrition & Training

4-week subscription: nutrition and training for fat loss (2 sessions per week)
£380 first block

£280 thereafter

What to expect:

With this all-inclusive program you’ll get strong and defined body #leanmachine while still having ‘a life’. I will guide you through the fat-loss journey and we will achieve results together. I’ll educate (not dictate) you about what and how to eat and how to deal with cravings. With this subscription, you get weekly food diary analysis, motivation, and support via preferred messenger or email with an unlimited number of questions and answers. I will design the most efficient and effective workout for your level of fitness and body type and we’ll train 2 times per week. You’ll feel and see the results only training twice per week!

4-week subscription: nutrition and training for fat loss (3 sessions per week)
£520 first block

£420 thereafter

What to expect:

Same as twice per week subscription, but if you want very tangible results very fast.

4-weeks Brexit Deal subscription (2 sessions per week) Lose weight together and save
£240pp first block

£160pp thereafter

Bring a friend or a family member or grab someone from the office and save on 4-week nutrition and training for fat loss (2 sessions per week). You work out together. Individual fat loss nutrition advice for both.


One-off sessions

1 session
If you insist on one-off pay-as-you-go PT sessions 🙂



  • I was pretty nervous starting PT with Olga because it was some time since I had been active and I had never done much strength work. I needn't have worried. She is highly tuned to your individual needs and goals, and whilst pushing you forward she is careful not to push you too far! I really enjoy our weekly sessions and find her holistic approach to training (also encompassing advice on healthier eating and other patterns and habits that impact wellbeing) really beneficial. And despite being in great shape herself she engages in a very human way which reminds you that you're not alone in your daily struggle to keep a positive balance. Highly recommended...
    Rebecca, Sheffield
  • In four months, Olga has helped me to shed 20% of my body weight. I have learned so much about nutrition along the way and now understand what sensible, sustainable weight loss looks like. Olga makes workouts fun, and always explains what you are doing and why. She checks your form and your mindset, and always responds positively to questions or blips you may have. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is brilliant!
    Gina, Sheffield
  • Olga is a fantastic personal trainer. From the moment you sit down to discuss your goals to getting through the last rep of your session, she makes you feel motivated and willing to push yourself to reach your potential. Her approach to fitness and nutrition is sensible and well researched, and she makes sure that your exercise and diet plan fits your lifestyle and goals. I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made so far and I actually look forward to our sessions!
    Fern, Sheffield
  • Olga is an amazing fitness trainer/coach. Instead of giving you set workouts/calories she educates you on fitness and eating so that you feel comfortable moving forward. Working with Olga, I feel comfortable and empowered in moving forward in my journey.
    Lucy K, Sheffield
  • Olga has given me tools to manage my eating and my weight. She explains everything very clearly. She has taught me that we all slip, but it’s not the end of the world! We all have holidays, meals out and a craving that we occasionally just have to give into in order to enjoy our lives. I highly recommend her.
    Liz T, Sheffield
  • I didn't realise before how important is the right diet for my well being. Olga is a real nutrition myth-buster! Her BioPrint technique is also great to track the progress and learn something new about your body!
    Vicky, 46, from Sheffield

Got a question?

I run short meetings at the Kettle Club and The Fitness Club or drop me a message 07547716237 and ask 🙂 If you are unsure which package would suit you best, or if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s have a chat, it will not take long, but you’ll be able to decide if my services are right for you before you commit.

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