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Fat Loss, Nutrition, Personal Trainer in Sheffield

Nutrition consultation and/or measurements

There is no standard procedure for this consultation. We’ll discuss the history of your previous weight loss or gains, assess your body composition (you’ll find out your fat percent if you want!), nutrition approach will be developed WITH you and based on your preferences and lifestyle, and your nutrition diary will be assessed. We even can spend this time going shopping for food in one of the local supermarkets! Let’s make the first step towards your fat loss!

One-off consultation

Online fat-loss coaching

This service includes initial consultation (live at the Kettle Club or online), a document with guidelines and meal examples, unlimited questions and answers, weekly or daily food diary analysis, motivation and support via preferred messenger or email. Every week you will be set a goal and we’ll achieve it together. If you do not have an opportunity to train with me personally, I will come up with a solution for you. It is even possible to achieve decent fat loss results without exercise, however, exercise will not work without changing your eating habits.

4 weeks fat-loss coaching

Packages and offers

The most important part of your fat loss journey is your nutrition. Therefore, to make the most of your training, I provide a step-by-step nutrition coaching. My goal is to educate you about how to lose weight sustainably and to keep your results forever. There is no uniform approach to this: your fat loss strategy will depend on your lifestyle, availability of free time, even your food preferences! My approach to fat loss coaching: program design based on the latest science, common sense and lots of motivation!

4 weeks program: Nutrition coaching with 2x 1-hour PT sessions per week

4 weeks program: Nutrition coaching with 3x 1-hour PT sessions per week.
12-week Nutrition coaching with 3x PT sessions per week

Fat loss is a complex of methods: training, nutrition, lifestyle. I am here to make it easier for you and to develop solutions suitable for your way of life.

Fat loss is not weight loss. Believe me, you do not want to lose weight. Muscle is not a decoration. It is health. They are gained through strength training making your heart, lungs, joints, bones and brains healthier. And I am not talking about heaps of bodybuilders’ muscles. No one will even notice you have some if you don’t want it.

I do appreciate your 100-hour work week/ kids/ social life and yes, you can lose fat working out just 2 hours per week. I worked in an international company as an auditor, wrote a PhD and worked as a teacher and I know typical barriers and mistakes office workers make.

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I am fully insured as a Personal Trainer and I guarantee complete confidentiality of my services.

If you are unsure which package would suit you best, or if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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