There is no one approach that fits all. Every client is unique. Genetics, habits, background, education, psychological type, favourite foods, life circumstances, traning background and goals are different for everyone.


What transformation photos never show:


mental space

realtionships with food

the after-diet physique

enjoyment of life

And therefore with every client I make sure that the diet is sustainable, enjoyable, and is done for good reasons.

Whatch how my clients maintain their results and feel great months and years after they finished my program. 



What People Say

In four months, Olga has helped me to shed 20% of my body weight. I have learned so much about nutrition along the way and now understand what sensible, sustainable weight loss looks like. Olga makes workouts fun, and always explains what you are doing and why. She checks your form and your mindset, and always responds positively to questions or blips you may have. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is brilliant!

Gina, Sheffield

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