Weight Loss University

Weight Loss University

12 weeks guided and supported by me. Celebrating success in the end of week 12: you'll have tools and knowledge to maintain your weight or to keep losing weight without me.


Results you get:

  • Lose 0.5-1% of body weight per week 
  • Minimise cravings and learn to eat everything in moderation
  • Learn how to calculate your calorie intake and macros: fat, carbs, protein
  • Build lean muscles and look 'tighter' and feel more energized
  • Get rid of myths about fat loss that prevent you from losing weight



  • Step-by-step guidance to the result
  • Guide to MyfitnessPal
  • Access to online community to help you with recording food on MyFitnessPal (post a photo and ask if you recorded food correctly - useful when eating out) and sharing experience
  • Videos and documents with how-to and why
  • Checking of home-work (Attn! Weekly homework is compulsory to get results)

This program is for you if you

  • are tired of gaining and losing weight whether it is 1-3lbs (3-5kg) or 20-40lbs (10-20kg) 
  • feel like sometimes you lose self-control when food is around
  • you overeat in particular situations, e.g. stress, staying alone or work overload
  • diets do not work
  • diets work but only for some time
  • you can’t stick to diet for long enough to see tangible results and/or keep the results


Myfitnesspal calorie tracking is a must on this program. Believe me, this is the only tool that guarantees results and excludes guessing element. Yet, this is just a tool - there is much more to weight loss than counting calories. Also, don't worry: it should not be super-precise​. If it causes anxiety or unpleasant feelings, consult your therapist before starting any weight loss regimen.


This program is not for you if you:

  • don't trust science
  • allergic to MyFitnessPal
  • professional athletes
  • those who have a clinical eating disorder or are in recent recovery
  • those who want to become underweight/ get to an unhealthy (too-low) weight



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