Personal Fat Loss Program

Personal Fat Loss Program

Result: a steady weight loss that never comes back. 

You pay once, get permanent result and never have to pay anyone again for nutrition advice. You will be able to continue losing weight after 12 weeks - you will have tools and skills for this.


Daily contact with me for support, planning and education. I teach you EVERYTHING you need to lose weight without suffering. I watch your food and activity diary and explain weight fluctuations.


This program is for you if you

  • are tired of gaining and losing weight whether it is 3-5 kg or 10-20 kg.
  • feel like sometimes you lose self-control when food is around
  • you overeat in particular situations: stress, staying alone or work overload
  • diets do not work
  • diets work but only for some time
  • you can’t stick to diet for long enough to see tangible results and keep them


Take a look here for more details - steps, stages, obstacles and individual solutions


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