6 reasons intelligent people should avoid Slimming World and Weight Watchers

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

In Sex and the City, Miranda goes to Weight Watchers where she hooks up with a dieting man. As you remember, Miranda is a successful lawyer. And theoretically must afford a quality weight loss coach. So why going to Weight Watchers where you’ll be treated as a child: patronised and humiliated? And we all know, what targets large populations, is never individually tailored to you.

Slimming World or Weight Watchers… both work for some but not for others. Both are acceptable from nutritionist point of view and teaching people manage their diets more or less.

For many, it works only to a certain extent - when one needs to drop from obesity to overweight. Good enough? Might be, but here are the problems with these popular programs.


The more people the program targets, the less effective it is for you personally.

In Smart Fat Loss, you have tools to design your own diet – you keep your favourite foods, you understand why your weight goes up or down and listen to your body. You adjust diet and exercise (if there is any) to your OWN life style and tastes. Your diet is individually tailored.


Slimming World is highly patronising: counting syns for an adult and intelligent person must feel awkward. Are we in primary school?

Instead of figuring out syns and free foods and building all your life around it, at Smart Fat Loss you'll learn about calorie deficit, macronutrients and micronutrients. It is accessible to many adult people I know. It is basic nutrition literacy that makes your life easier, not harder. You are free, you are flexible and you know one million alternatives to infamous curly wurly


Weigh ins are epic, outrageous nonsense! How about water fluctuations? How about feeling unnecessarily happy or guilty depending on your weight? Comparing Monday week 1 to Monday week 2 is extremely illiterate, ignorant, traumatising.

In Smart Fat Loss we weight every day to track the trend or weekly averages. We measure circumferences of waist, hips and, optionally, under chest to adjust for muscle loss/gain. We take progress photos.


In both Slimming World and Weight Watchers you are either ‘on it’ or ‘off it’. When you stop paying for membership, you are off it and you will regain weight. Because they do not educate you and you do not have tools to maintain results or keep losing weight outside of the group. You remain blind.

In Smart Fat Loss you will understand how weight loss works for you and you’ll be equipped with tools to lose weight without suffering and without anyone’s help and support. Pay once and live free.


Slimming World and Weight Watchers do not teach self-compassion. If weekly group weight in did not bring desirable weight loss, you feel what? Shame and guilt. These feelings are terrible, even on hormonal level. And they are even used as motivation! Terrible. Terrible.

Making business on people’s self-loathing - tut-tut.

In Smart Fat Loss we put self-compassion at the forefront. You are not guilty for gaining weight, you were misinformed by greedy corporations via media, you were influenced by diet culture and maybe even your upbringing was, unfortunately, ermm..fattening. Not you fault. Now you have power to change it! But not through the fear of shame and hatred of your own body. But through self-compassion and scientific approach.


My biggest criticism of Slimming World is that they make your relationships with weight and food even worse. Life starts rotating around syns, points and weigh-ins. This may seem motivation, but such 'motivation'harms you in the long run. From psychological point of view these groups are getting it tragically wrong.

This is what a Slimming World survivor says:

‘I need to have a life that doesn’t revolve around planning and perfecting every bite that goes into my mouth’
‘I don’t need a group that pretends to be supportive to make me feel bad about my body, obsess over the scales and tell me not to eat too much bread. I don’t need to be fat shamed. I certainly don’t need to feel that my weight is my worth and if I didn’t shift some of it this week then I’m not as ‘good’ as I should be’

Or read 50 Things You Only Know If You Do Slimming World. Here are some of them:

40. It’s perfectly acceptable to whip out a whole packet of ham wherever you are and start devouring it. It’s free after all.
45. You’ve made the mistake of stockpiling Fibre One bars because the Asda actually had them in stock for fucking once and ended up ‘accidentally’ spending an extra 80 syns on them because there was a huge pile of them looking at you every time you went in the kitchen.
38. You’ve tried to make a pizza base out of scan bran
27. Due to the huge amounts of fruit and veg you’re eating you could probably legally declare yourself as a wind farm and solve the global energy crisis.
17. Every time mullerlight release a new flavour yoghurt you go out and buy 36 of them and get sick of eating them after 3 days.
18. You’re the only person you know who eats curly wurlys. Only 6 syns though!

In Smart Fat Loss, I explain that one should not be obsessed with number on scales, that losing 0.5 pounds per week is fine and that for long-term results you must be kind to yourself and flexible with your diet. There is no bad or good food, good or bad days or weeks – there can be good or bad diet. Definition of diet, btw, is not something we go ‘on’ or ‘off’ but the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

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