What really happens when women start lifting weights

As Lyle McDonald puts it:

For years, resistance training was more or less ignored in terms of its potential to improve health and fitness but it’snow become recognized that proper weight training should be part and parcel of literally all exercise programs due to the benefits it offers

Here are some benefits of resistance training:

  1. Increased muscular strength tends to make activities of daily living easier

  2. Small increases in muscle size tend to improve appearance and body shape

  3. Easier to perform daily activities

  4. Increased bone mass density

  5. Lower risk of sarcopenia

  6. Fat loss improvement!!! How? To maintain metabolism. Otherwise, you’ll have to eat less and less and less to stay lean. While for some it is achievable, for others it ends up with binge eating.

Despite all these enormous benefits, women avoid resistance training. They either refuse to lift at all or only use very light weights which never really challenge them.

I know that ‘you do not have enough testosterone to grow muscles fast’ argument is useless for persuading women. Including me. Lol. Although valid.

Why women really do not want to lift is because when they start proper resistance training, they indeed feel bulky in the first few weeks!!! And it is not a paranoia. This happens for real.

This is due to increased water and carbohydrate being stored within the muscle when you start lifting a bit.

But this effect goes away after several weeks.

In addition, under calorie deficit (and without it, you’ll not lose fat and I assume you want to lose fat) you’ll never grow too much muscle.

If this is you, why not giving resistance training another chance?

Sheffield women, you can do it with me, either in BODYPUMP(TM) (I teach at Virgin on Tue 10:35 and Fri 17:00) or in personal training sessions. PM me or call/text 07547716237 or book via my page


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