Was it a good workout?

By all means, a good workout is the one you enjoyed and feel happy after (no, not ‘happy’ that you haven’t died😂)

But which workout is good for ‘results’? Very often people rate workout on

🍑how much they sweat 🍑how breathless they got 🍑how many calories they burnt 🍑how tired they got 🍑how much muscle soreness it caused the next day.

All the above tell little about the workout.

All the above doe snot mean you are moving towards goals.

Any PT or gym instructor can make you sweaty or sore the next day. To be honest you yourself can make it 🙂

However, you come to a quality PT for results.

For the results, we should not look at an exercise or a workout ‘in vacuum’.

It is the whole program, the longer term set of workouts matter. Surely, you need to work hard, may need to be panting and sweating if, say, working in the anaerobic zone is one of the parts of the plan. Of course, you need to push through fatigue, feel the burn and challenge your body. But it should all lead you towards the GOAL.

Is your goal to lose fat?

Take Zumba. Do it regularly, and you will feel better, get a bit healthier and happier. Is it a good workout for losing fat? Not really. It does burns calories, but then your NEAT may decrease, or appetite increase and even if you lose fat as a result of increasing energy expenditure, you will have to adjust your nutrition (eat few and fewer calories) with every pound you lose.

Take well-designed gym program with many compound movements and progressive overload. The one that will make you stronger. Do it properly and YES, the results will arrive the fastest. Resistance training will help to overcome metabolic adaptations associated with weight loss, making it easier for you to stick to the diet and maintain results in the long term.

Take BODYPUMP(TM). Do it well 2-3 times per week (slowly progressing in strength) and it will bring great results too. Similar results to a well-designed program. True story for people with good mobility, flexibility, and technique.

Is yoga great for fat loss? It is not as effective as resistance training, but adding yoga to your routine will increase mobility, flexibility, prevent injuries and improve technique in the gym. Calming your mind down will also help with a better diet (it depends though)

Take home: Look at your ‘program’, not a separate workout or exercise. And always think of how it meets your goals. [/spb_text_block]

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