The miracle weight loss secret

Here is the miracle weight loss secret. 100% result guarantee. Write the recipe down.

1200 kcal a day (70% of BMR)

6 intense workouts per week

1-hour cardio a day

How come?! You always said extremes are bad!

Yes they are. Fat loss is freaking easy. Anybody can lose weight.

You do not need any knowledge: a clever workout program with progressive overload, macronutrients adherence, adjusting nutrition to workouts. You simply eat little (does not matter what but normally clean) and move a lot (whatever you move).

In The Biggest Loser everybody lose weight.

Because every single person who eats 1200 kcal a day and trains in addition will lose weight fast. Guaranteed.

In fitness challenges on Insta and in FB groups everybody lose weight too and then 99% OF THEM gain weight back too.

An average participant of The Biggest Loser loses 58 kg and by the end of the program their BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) goes down by 650 kcal – no wonder – the smaller we are, the smaller is our BMR.

In 6 years participants gain 41 kg on average, but, tragically, BMR stayed the same: initial_MBR – 650 kcal!

⠀⠀ Before the show: 148 kg and 2600 kcal BMR⠀ After the show: 90 kg and 1996 kcal BMR (logically!)⠀ After 6 years: 131 kg and 1903 BMR (also logically, apparently, see below)⠀ ⠀ Extreme weight loss resulted in the loss of metabolically active tissue – muscles(!)

During the show none of participants learnt how to build a proper exercise routine aimed at progressively getting stronger. The task was to burn calories.

(Do you know someone like that?)

Obviously, after the show nobody was training properly. Muscle loss continued. The situation got worse.

The problem can be avoided if you maintain muscles during weight loss, right?


BMR will drop anyway.

Hormonal changes will occur:

Leptin (satiety hormone) drops. For example, leptin in show participants dropped from 41.14 to 2.56 – this means an unbearable hunger.

Sympathetic nervous system becomes less active – NEAT (non-exercise activity) goes down. In other words, you burn less energy every day.


Rapid fat loss leads to food obsession. Hello eating disorder! Thank you strict diet!

Are we doomed then?


The key is in a slow weight loss.

Moderate weight loss (5-10%) does not affect hormonal system and NEAT as much.

To sum up, if you can’t maintain new bodyweight by continuing a strict diet and a big volume of exercise, do not use a strict diet and a big volume of exercise. 😀

Read more about 1200 kcal diet.

By Artem Brazgovsky

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