Limiting beliefs that make you fat

Have you heard of limiting beliefs? Tiny mad ideas that get into our clever head from the external environment?

Most people with extra weight do have limiting beliefs.

One of the most popular one is: WEIGHTLOSS is super-hard and needs discipline of an Olympic athlete, inhuman willpower and self-control of Margaret Thatcher. In reality, weightloss is easier than 99% people think.

Where the mad idea about hardships of fatloss comes from?

Other people and own experience.

We all have a friend or two who lost weight.

They put in an enormous effort and generally they have a very lasting willpower. They worked superhard and ate super-strict diet. We all seen on TV/instagram how people lost weight – the biggest loser, the ‘nothingtastesasgoodasskinnyfeels’ hashtag.

Or maybe you, yourself, experimented with a ‘diet’ and exercise and the diet was strict and you were hungry and exercise was hard and you lost a bit of weight …and finally you just said ‘duck it’. And gained all the weight back in a couple of month.

And then we also know people who cannot lose weight and say: ‘oh, it is not for me – I love my food too much’ or ‘I never can stick to diet, I am genetically plump, so that’s the destiny’ or ‘I tried that before – fitness lifestyle is not for me’. They have limiting beliefs.

Because to lose weight you need

  1. to stay under a moderate calorie deficit for a certain period of time

  2. to move more in everyday life (just stop parking so close to entrances!!!)

  3. and if you want to make it faster and look sexier and feel healthier, add here resistance training 2-3 times per week.

Did I say ‘exercise everyday’? – No

Did I say ‘eat 1200-1400 kcal a day’? – No

Did I say ‘stop eating sugar, carbs, saturated fat and be careful with fruit’? – No

Weight loss is not what you think.

We are all just trying to make it too extreme.

Why? Are people all masochists?


They simply DO NOT KNOW how to lose weight. They think they know. But they don’t. That’s actually a huge problem of our society in the epoch of internet – everyone is an expert in everythingthing. Especially in weightloss. Whereas accounting and taxation may not be 100% clear, politics, nutrition and health – easy!

As if.

So do weightloss right – and it will become easy. Hire me if you are ready to absorb KNOWLEDGE and ready to get rid of limiting beliefs.

Educate people more – and Trump, Zelenskiy and Boris will not be where they are. Don’t hire me for this. I can’t help you here, sorry.

Or is it my limiting belief?

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