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How to stay fit while working from home

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

I am a PT and I do not insist that you workout during quarantine. Why? Setting a goal to complete a quality workout (as you would do in the gym) can fail you. This can be simply too much for your brain. Brain will rebel making up all possible and impossible reasons why you should not do it! Let's also take into account that you keep working and maybe have to work even more because of this COVID force majeur.

A gentle workout, for example 26 minutes of stretching and activating or an online yoga class, is much more achievable and will help to counteract the tension and tightness you get from all-day sitting in front of (or above) the screen.

Moreover, yoga (if done properly) is enough to keep you fit, physically and mentally. You can find free youtube videos like Yoga With Adriene, as well as paid high-quality apps like Glo

And you can even do it with some of the best local Sheffield studios:

Unity offers Zoom classes

RISE livestreams their classes

And if you are short of time, here is a 10-minute fitness break for those who sit a lot and do not have much fitness experience.

And if you are a gym-bunny and love a sweaty challenge, here is my a 7-minute energiser:

It is no secret anymore that physical and mental fitness go hand-in-hand and it is hard to imagine one without another. As an additional quick self-help during this period of anxiety and/or uncertainty, I swear by mindfulness. It helps me to stay sane and productive.

To cope with Corona Virus anxiety, try this free meditation by Dr. Brewer. As he said, informal meditation - short moments of mindfulness, many times throughout the day - is extremely effective to build immunity against anxiety. Whenever you have an opportunity, take 30-seconds to pause and bring awareness to your body and mind. And to work with any difficult feelings, try RAIN exercise - it is amazing!

And if there is only one thing I’d keep from this list, it would be: move!

Grab your earphones and go outside. Stay away from people. Do informal meditation. Listen to audiobook. Call mom. Call colleague or business partner. Don’t sit on your butt while talking to people over the phone unless you really need it. (Watch for policy updates: when advised to stay home, stay home but keep moving around)

Do you track your activity? You do not need to buy yet another piece of technology for this. A simple Health App on iPhone or Google Fit on any system will help you to track your steps. A good average goal is 10 000 steps a day.

What is your current average step count?

If you have 'I have no time' thoughts, just take your phone with you are and stay productive.

Here is the list of ideas how else you can move when working from home:

  • play active games with kids

  • phone call? stand up and stroll

  • have discipline to not use a car when the distance is walkable

  • take stairs, not lifts (I know that you know). Also saves you from touching dirty buttons.

  • do household chores

  • walk while listening to audiobook or podcast

  • watch your steps and let 10000 be your orientation (but 22 000 is cooler!)

  • no time to walk during week? compensate on weekend

  • consider walking machine for home (again, watching Netflix, listening to audiobook, chatting over the phone, texting, meditating, drinking wine, add your version!). Walking while doing stuff is a totally realistic commitment. Running every day for 30 minutes is not.

Why am I so big on small daily movements? It is good for your health. We, humans, were designed to be active and this does not necessary include squats with the bar or crunches :) Moreover, bit by bit, such small everyday efforts can burn more calories per week than your regular workouts. Don't get me wrong, exercise is life! But when the gyms are closed, we still can stay healthy and happy!

PS. Why not try individual Zoom workouts as a part of my online program?

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