How to lose weight for a photoshoot?

(Photo shoot, beach holidays, wedding, birthday party, corporate event, any big event at a particular date)

I had a professional photo shoot recently done by an enormously talented photographer Fern from Department Two. We agreed on the date a couple of weeks before and usually, I would start dieting because I desperately need to look good on photos intended to represent me as a fitness professional. Often I would fail to lose weight because I am an emotional eater and moderate stress always makes me eat more.

So I was far from looking lean an defined and was working at mindful eating at that moment. So I just got super-excited about our plans and … did absolutely nothing to lose fat. This gave me peace of mind and I continued working on staying in peace with my fat percent and food.

The result? I enjoyed my life before the photoshoot and every moment of the photo shoot itself!

What is the lesson? [/spb_text_block] [spb_single_image image=”1575″ image_size=”full” frame=”noframe” intro_animation=”none” full_width=”no” lightbox=”no” link_target=”_self” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] [spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]

If you have problems with losing weight NOW (I am talking here about problems with diet compliance), you’ll probably not solve them under time pressure. The deadline will only create more stress. The science yet to explore how exactly stress influences eating behaviours. Some research shows that people who secret more cortisol under psychological stress would eat more in stressful conditions.

Of course, for some of us, a pressure of deadline may help.

But when it does help, and you reach the goal, do you know what happens after the event?

Overeating, dissatisfaction, frustration, disappointment.

The life does not finish with the event, so do not let yourself down by pushing too hard and then losing control, the day after the big day.

To really prepare for the photo shoot the action plan is the following

  1. Work at finding peace with where you are at now and own your body with confidence.

  2. Buy flattering clothes you are confident in right here and right now

  3. Get tanned, you’ll look a few pounds leaner 🙂

  4. Don’t eat anything too salty or ultra-high carb the day before to avoid major water retention

  5. During the event focus on being in the moment, enjoy social activities and connecting with people you, hopefully, like.

That’s it.

The thing to remember, you are ALWAYS camera ready. Happiness and smile are enough for great photos. [/spb_text_block] [spb_icon_box title=”Check out my Services & Price here” box_type=”boxed-one” image=”ss-info” color=”accent” link=”/services/” target=”_blank” animation=”none” animation_delay=”0″ width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] [/spb_icon_box]

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