Did you stop seeing results?

In a fitness club environment, it is especially noticeable how we, the people, are the creatures of habit. We find our routine, we stick to it. And if you did not quit, I salute you, you have already succeeded in your fitness journey.

However doing the same type of training, again and again, may compromise your progress. Not only you risk getting injured repeating the same movement pattern again and again. Your organism adapts. You burn fewer and fewer amount of calories every time you repeat the same workout. This is why we instructors start mixing releases few weeks after the new release comes out. This is why we instructors cannot afford to eat as many calories as we theoretically burn. Our organism adapts. Our body composition suffers.

If you do spin and BODYPUMP week after week for ages (It is a very popular combination among my gym friends), it is time to throw in something else. I would start with a quality designed and coached HIIT workout or traditional heavier weights training.

If you only can be found on a cardio machine or doing only aerobic classes, obviously, go and do some sort of resistance training.

If you only lift in the gym, you are very welcome to BODYPUMP, most probably you will finally shift off your strength and hypertrophy plato.

I can feel my workout pattern is not effective for me anymore. I cannot wait to start taking part in GRIT again. I plan to try hot yoga and Crossfit or powerlifting too. Maybe. One day. [/spb_text_block]

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