BodyBalance training done!

Bodybalance initial training is done. Great quality by Les Mills as usual – Sarah Durnford is a magician.


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Bikini Competition

I just got a medal at yesterdays UKBFF (UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) North-East Championship in Leeds 😀 Why competing? I always need a deadline to complete anything, so the date of getting

My first GRIT class!

Teaching my first GRIT class today made me happy! Great team, best workout in the World. #GRIT #LesMills #NuffieldHealth #Sheffield

I can now teach GRIT!

Just came back from my GRIT training in Newcastle with a superwoman Kate Slee. After 2 days of GRITting half an hour GRIT workout cannot challenge me any more!  And how great it was to meet friends an


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