Best central Sheffield workouts

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

There are some decent workout opportunities in Sheffield. My first advise: choose the workout that you enjoy and that easy to get to.

For example, luckily, I enjoy yoga at Unity and it is 10 minutes away from my flat – so it is perfect for me. I love lifting in solitude - so when possible I throw in a mini-session between training my clients.

For class-goers:

I quit group classes after an absolutely glorious 6-year-career. But I still would like to recommend Les Mills classes for those who can move well (if you can’t, you’d better throw in a few PT sessions a week). Out of those 'central', you can find a good selection at Nuffield, Virgin and Ponds Forge. All these big boxes have pluses and minuses, I would go to Ponds Forge: great class variety and smart bars (special equipment for group strength class Bodypump and HIIT-type class GRIT). I’d warn you though: parking is tough and the venue is not too nice.

Nuffield is more central and quieter and cosier than Virgin. But Virgin has creche for those with kids.

There is a number of other smaller gyms around the town, and, I repeat, chose the one that is the easiest to get to and where you’ll go regularly.

Trib3 is the coolest boutique style pay-as-you-go place for tough guys and gals. For those who want to go hard, whatever it is. Easily accessible. Stylish. Great service. They nailed it, in other words. Try the shake too for the full experience. The flagship gym is on Eccy rd. A very tough Sheffield workout.

Excellent changing rooms too! 🙂

For privacy and friendly atmosphere:

Kettle club hands down. It is affordable, small and cosy, there is parking and showers and 24-hour access. There is enough equipment for a great workout and no fuss. I train my PT clients there. It is my favourite place for a workout in Sheffield

For yogis:

First of all, I think all people should do yoga. It improves flexibility, strengths and mindfulness if done right. “I am not calm – I can’t do yoga” – ohhhhhhh! Exactly because you are constantly agitated, you should do yoga to calm your nervous system down!

Yoga at Unity

Easy to book, great atmosphere, top teachers beautiful space and location in the heart of the town. One of my favourite class is Restorative Yoga at Unity Fridays at 5pm. To put it shortly and simply, you lie in different comfortable poses and listen to the teacher's beautiful voice and in an hour you are fresh as a daisy and mentally and physically feel like you are ready to smash another working week straight away 🙂

How does yoga brunch sound to you? My friend Cotton Yoga teaches vinyasa every last Sunday of the month at Kommune Perfect if your body craves stretching, strengthening and coffee after. Different and cool. 

If you just wanna lift or abuse cardio machines:

Pure Gym and Xercise4Less – they have good equipment and value-for-money. But they are ugly. But why paying for Virgin or Nuffield if you only use weight room or cardio theatre?

For exercising your mind:

Mental fitness is as important as physical. What is best, you do not need anything! A-ny-thing. Just a good teacher. Download Insight Timer app or Headspace and go for learning to meditate course. It is effective.

Otherwise, Meditation Center in Sheffield is a good place to start. But my sincere advise is: pay for the app and meditate at home/on a walk/in a queue daily whenever you have a moment.

On that note, I am off to meditate, bye  🙂

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