Are you searching for the diet that actually works?

– I need to lose weight – What should I eat? – Ahh, okay, that’s the diet. – Omg, it works! – Shit, I cheated. – Ok, my kilograms are back. – This time I will stick to the diet until I get results – Shit, I binged on chocolate. – I’ll go and find a motivational Instgram account to keep myself focused. – No, I better hire a PT to motivate me. – Stressful week, I crave a burger. F@ck the diet, I am going for a burger and an icecream. – Here we start again. – I need another diet. I’ll go on Body Coach’s diet. And I’ll subscribe to Kyla Itsines. – Apple vinegar in the morning – this is the way forward. – Gosh, I am now heavier than I was when I decided to lose weight.

Does it sound familiar?

The problem is, the advice given to people by NHS, media, bloggers, PTs is based on one erroneous assumption: people behave rationally. People have perfect self-control and responsibility, they are never impulsive and always do only what is good for them.

Are we, people, like that?

Why do we still want to know what to eat to lose weight?

When actually, we need to search for the key to how to get the mindset that will allow us to be disciplined, moderate and forever-focused? How to rewire our brain so that it doesn’t make us crave and binge, especially when we damaged it with multiple strict diets.

Of course, the knowledge of nutrition helps us to be more flexible and efficient with our fat loss efforts. It helps to make the process safer, easier and more enjoyable.

However, no nutrition and exercise knowledge, no motivational PT will help if your brain is in the loop, acting the same and same again, blaming the lack of motivation or a wrong carb to fat ratio.


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