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How to lose 1 pound of fat?

Create a deficit of ~3 500 kcal. How to lose 10 pounds of fat? Create a deficit of ~3 5000 kcal. It takes time, bearing in mind that an average person needs ~2 000 kcal to maintain weight.

Deficit means the difference between how much you eat and how much you spend.

It takes time, bearing in mind that an average active person spends ~2 000 kcal a day. It means that to maintain weight, an average active person needs to eat 2000 kcal daily on average.

On average means that if one day they eat 2 500, the other day needs to be 1 500, to balance it off. Or if for 5 days they eat 1 500, then on weekend they can eat 500*5= 2 5000 extra kcal. Say, on Saturday 4 000 kcal and on Sunday 2 500 kcal. Most probably, on scales, it will show weight loss on Friday of 2 pounds and weight gain on Monday of 4 pounds. But do not worry, as a result, you did not gain FAT. So as a result of the week you stay the same.

Clearly, if you lost or gained 1 pound of weight overnight (or even in a week or two), this is not solely fat. This is water, intestines content and lower/higher glycogen stores than yesterday (last week).

So what?

  1. For guaranteed results, calorie tracking over a prolonged period of time (weeks and months) is essential

  2. Don’t compare 2 separates dates to measure your fat-loss progress. Weigh regularly and watch the trend.


Say, to maintain your weight, you need to eat 2000 kcal daily it means 14 000 weekly and 60 000 monthly.

So to lose 1 pound of fat in a week, your average daily calorie consumption should be 1500 kcal. Your daily deficit will be 500 kcal, which is 3 500 kcal for 7 days.

500 kcal is quite a large deficit, it will be hard to maintain in a long term. And you will have to stay in the deficit in the long term because to lose 20 pounds of fat you will need to keep doing the same thing for 20 weeks or 5 months.

Get ready for a marathon with a guaranteed medal at the finish!

If you’d like me to guide you along the way and achieve sustainable and maintainable(!) results, contact me: 07547 716 237 or drop a message olga@ocoach-fitness.co.uk.

Important (!):

As I said above, you do not have to eat the same amount of calories every day. If you want to lose 1 pound in a month (why not?!) you need to eat 60 000 – 3 500 kcal = 56 500 kcal during that month. It is critical to understand this long-term picture so that you will think twice before binging on a weekend.

PS. Imagine, how easy it is to ruin all your weekly progress by overeating during the weekend. A burger is 800 kcal, 100g of fries is 330 kcal, a pint of ice-cream is 850 kcal, a sugary cocktail is 350 kcal and pizza god knows depends on how much and which pizza, but can easily bring you to over 1000kcal!!! As to gain 1 pound of fat you need to eat in excess, obviously, of your average 2000 kcal. So if you want to gain 1 pound of fat in a week, eat 17 500 kcal instead of your maintenance 14 000 kcal.

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