When it comes to diet, there is no one-fits-all solution. We all have different genes, gut bacteria, upbringing, habits, food preferences, metabolisms and life circumstances. Lose weight for good with an experienced specialist, who takes this into account.

People struggling to lose weight will improve their relationships with food, minimise cravings and stop falling off the fitness wagon by changing their approach to diet and exercise




Informed by latest scientific advances in nutrition, psychology, neuroscience and physiology.


Instead of dictating you what to eat and when to train, I explain you the ins and outs of the program. You get equipped to do it on your own, after the program is over.


I've been there and I know it is not your fault. Anything that is done for weight loss should be done form the position of loving kindness towards yourself


  • you are fed up with working hard and not seeing results you deserve

  • you are tired of gaining and losing weight whether it is 3-5 kg or 10-20 kg.

  • you feel like sometimes you lose self-control when food is around

  • you overeat in particular situations: stress, staying alone or work overload

  • diets do not work

  • diets work but only for some time

  • you can’t stick to diet for long enough to see tangible results and keep them



We always start with an interview where we discuss your current situation, what results you can expect from my program and what effort you will have to put in. As a result of this interview, we both will see if my program is for you.


Step 1. Diagnostics


I send you instructions on how to track food in MyFitnessPal and do body measurements.

As well as a document with generic nutrition recommendations, based on the latest and most reliable research findings so that you get an understanding of the big picture. 


For 2-3 weeks, you record your food. The task is to eat and keep weekly activity as you would do (and enjoy) long-term. At this stage, we do not aim to lose weight yet.

Step 2. Video-consultation and Personalised Nutrition Guide

Click on this link, to watch the video about what is included in the Guide

Based on the data from the diagnostic period and consultation, I develop your personal nutrition plan: how many calories you should eat to maintain weight, how much you should eat to lose weight, and fat, protein, and carbohydrate breakdown. Don’t worry, if you are not a professional athlete, you can have lots of flexibility here. 

Depending on your current activity levels, job, personal life, and time availability I recommend the activity that suits your goals best. It is not only about exercise. Many of my clients lose weight without changes in their exercise routine and even without exercise at all. Some even decrease(!) the amount of exercise activity and still lose weight. But exercise makes everything better.


BONUS: personalised sample 3-day meal plan. You can see how it all works in practice.


  • you understand how weight may fluctuate daily and how to track progress correctly (weight loss vs fat loss)

  • you get a clear picture of the best nutrition knowledge to date

  • your nutrition plan is designed to allow flexibility and hence - better adherence

  • physical activity, calories, and macronutrients are prescribed to minimise metabolic adaptations to diet (when we diet, our hormonal profile changes in a way that inhibits further fat loss. We can partially reverse it)

  • the meals are balanced to minimise blood glucose fluctuations. This helps to reduce hunger and cravings

  • you cut out inefficient activities from your busy schedule and leave only the most necessary for your goals and those you enjoy and have time to do

  • your physical activity works FOR your hormones, not against them

  • you know exactly how much weight you want and can lose and how long it will take (weight loss vs fat loss) - it gives you clarity and a sense of control 


Although initial consultation sets you up for the steady and confident fat loss, you will need to book a couple of follow-ups each couple of weeks or months to troubleshoot any problems that can arise. What it can be:

- review of a nutrition diary 

- adjust macros to overcome plateaus

- adjust macros to changed activity levels

- ask any questions that arise during the journey

- coping with hunger or cravings

- eating out and holidays

- preparing for an event

- ask all the questions