When it comes to diet, there is no one-fits-all solution. We all have different genes, gut bacteria, upbringing, habits, food preferences, metabolisms, and life circumstances. Lose weight for good with an experienced specialist, who takes this into account.

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sustainable fat loss through education and compassion



16-week guidance


£150 for the first consultation

£50 thereafter

Online course

£195 with support

£69 self-study


1) Is nutrition program without exercise still effective?

Yes, most of us are able to lose weight and keep it off without exercise. However, resistance training is highly recommended. From 30s our hormones start changing. Estrogen and progesterone drop in women and testosterone drops in men. It gets easier to store fat and harder to gain or maintain muscle mass. And let’s be fair, we help these processes by becoming less active, more stressed and eating suboptimal (diplomatically saying) diets.

More inflammation, more body fat around the waistline, loss of muscles and bone density – these all are the effects of metabolic changes. 


How we can prevent or at least slow this down?


Heavy strength training!


  • It is the most efficient way to build a healthy amount of lean muscle. Muscle is your depot for storing excess glucose, which you struggle with if you have insulin issues (and most of us become more and more insulin resistant as we age). Because glucose from your food is mainly absorbed by your muscle tissue, resistance training (which builds muscle mass) is particularly good at improving blood sugars after meals. So a little bit more muscle will be key to resolving your insulin issues, minimising cravings, losing fat, lowering inflammation, and preventing diabetes

  • It will not aggravate your stress issues (like cardio could)

  • It will not provoke more hunger (like cardio could)

  • You keep burning a bit more calories after intense training sessions  

  • Strength training will stimulate the release of ‘lean’ hormones such as glucagon and testosterone, in beneficial, healthy doses of course

  • It is the best type of training for growth hormone release, a famous anti-aging hormone – ‘a fountain of youth’

  • It lowers inflammation by stimulating the release of immune regulators called myokines


2) Can I train on my own or with my personal trainer while on your nutrition program?

Of course. Finding a good personal trainer and asking them to make you stronger is highly encouraged. If you are an experienced athlete, training on your own can be effective too. As a part of this nutrition-only programme, I will recommend types and amounts of physical activity for the best results in your particular case. 


3) Will you provide a meal plan?

I provide a sample 3-4 day meal plan as an example to help you see how your calories, protein, fats, carbs can look like. My goal is to educate you about nutrients so that you can design your own diet, depending on your taste preferences. Nobody should follow a plan written by someone else (unless needed for health conditions). Nobody is able to stick to plan their whole life. And once you are off the plan, the weight comes back.

4) What's your approach?

  • Multidisciplinary: psychology, hormones, calorie deficit, physical activity, and genetics - all matter

  • Personalized nutrition: there is no one-fits-all solution

  • Evidence-based: only what is well-researched and successfully used in practice

  • I educate, rather than dictate what and when to eat so that you are empowered to continue maintaining and losing weight after your work with me is over

  • Sustainability is key. I teach how to prevent roll-backs, yoyo dieting, and an all-or-nothing mindset

  • Self-compassion is the foundation of success

5) Do you work with vegans?


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