Is it possible to lose weight without exercise?

Is it possible to lose weight without exercise?

In this post I am talking about healthy people seeking to lose weight or maintain healthy weight.

I am also not advocating sitting on a chair all day. Exercise has many health benefits!

So, can people lose weight or maintain it without exercise?

Short answer: Yes.

Yes, you will not be toned if there are no muscles under fat.

Yes, weight loss may take longer or you will have to eat a bit less. But the difference in food amount will not be big if you are not an experienced athlete.

There are 3 scenarios that I want people to change.

  • When they say “I do not have time for exercise therefore I am not in shape. I’ll get in shape when I have time for a gym” And then they keep eating everything and anything.

Why change?

They think they need to start religiously going to the gym/tennis court/ treadmill / swimming pool and/or go on a strict diet. Therefore they postpone happier and healthier body! Whereas if they have knowledge, they would see that they do not need to change their current diet much. Small changes – big results. Strict diets and religious gym going are for those who truly love it.

  • When they say “I am scared to get fat if I do not exercise for a week”

Why change?

This was me long time ago and it was not a good life experience. Taking gym kit for holidays, buying expensive club memberships to just use their cardio machines, sacrificing sleep for workouts – this all makes life less enjoyable.

People who exercise out of fear to get fat or to not lose weight are a special category I belonged to.

Feeling guilty when skipping a workout, over-exercising, spending too much time in the gym, and being blind about how fat loss actually happens!

Listen, if you truly enjoy exercise – that’s fine.

If you love hanging around in a gym because it is an important part of your social life – also fine.

But if you drag yourself to the gym to do the hated workout – the whole story does not make any sense.


In most of the cases people cannot control well what they eat. They overeat or they have a strange relationships with chocolate. This cannot be cured by MORE exercise.

Time to change your habits around fitness and sort life out. How?

Learn how fat loss really works (I can teach you in just few weeks)

Learn how to listen to your body and do what is right for it. Not for your ego. Dr. Jud can teach you real quick.

And then body will be thankful and I promise, ego will be satisfied with the result too.

  • James Smith said that he gained 4 kg not exercising for a month. But he also said that he was sick, stressed, busy and ate badly (therefore).

I couldn’t not like naked James’ insta post 🙂 But please, do not misinterpret his message. He gained weight not because of lack of exercise but because he used to eat a lot and did not re-adjust quickly. He is the case of an athlete who DOES burn a lot of calories during exercise and stopping workouts significantly alters energy balance for him – 4 kg is a lot but within norm in his case.