nutrition + personal training sessions to help you lose weight and keep it off

A well-designed training program, when executed correctly under my demanding but compassionate eye, makes weight loss faster and easier. Personalised nutrition programme and education will remove the guessing element out of your weight loss journey.

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Nutrition + personal training sessions with me at THE KETTLE CLUB

1 session per week

£330 for the first 4-week block

£160 thereafter

2 sessions per week

£470 for the first 4-week block

£320 thereafter

3 sessions per week

£590 for the first 4-week block

£440 thereafter


1) Is nutrition program without exercise still effective?

Yes, most of us are able to lose weight and keep it off without exercise. However, resistance training is highly recommended. From 30s our hormones start changing. Estrogen and progesterone drop in women and testosterone drops in men. It gets easier to store fat and harder to gain or maintain muscle mass. And let’s be fair, we help these processes by becoming less active, more stressed and eating suboptimal (diplomatically saying) diets.

More inflammation, more body fat around the waistline, loss of muscles and bone density – these all are the effects of metabolic changes. 


How we can prevent or at least slow this down?


Heavy strength training!


  • It is the most efficient way to build a healthy amount of lean muscle. Muscle is your depot for storing excess glucose, which you struggle with if you have insulin issues (and most of us become more and more insulin resistant as we age). Because glucose from your food is mainly absorbed by your muscle tissue, resistance training (which builds muscle mass) is particularly good at improving blood sugars after meals. So a little bit more muscle will be key to resolving your insulin issues, minimising cravings, losing fat, lowering inflammation, and preventing diabetes

  • It will not aggravate your stress issues (like cardio could)

  • It will not provoke more hunger (like cardio could)

  • You keep burning a bit more calories after intense training sessions  

  • Strength training will stimulate the release of ‘lean’ hormones such as glucagon and testosterone, in beneficial, healthy doses of course

  • It is the best type of training for growth hormone release, a famous anti-aging hormone – ‘a fountain of youth’

  • It lowers inflammation by stimulating the release of immune regulators called myokines


2) How many sessions per week should I go for?

If you are a busy person, 2 sessions per week will be enough to make a positive hormonal change. 3 sessions per week will give you noticeable results faster. 1 session per week includes a 'homework' plan of 1-2 short sessions on your own. Let's discuss this before you start.


3) Can I train with a partner?

It is best to have 1-2-1 sessions, at least in the beginning to make sure you get the most out of each rep. For this, you need a perfect form, range of motion, control of the movement, and mind-muscle connection (a certain feel in working muscles). Which is most effectively coached individually. Drop me a message to discuss:

4) How hard are the sessions?

The level of intensity will be suited to you individually. You have to be challenged to trigger the release of all the beneficial hormones. However, it should not necessarily be HIIT with panting, dripping with sweat, nearly dying (as often portrayed in popular media). Some people love the buzz though. You also should not expect 3 reps of chest press with 200 kg, screaming, farting, and making veins on your beetroot-red face pop up :) Normally, you’ll work in the range of 8-15 reps and use the weight that feels really challenging by the last quarter of the set. This is a very rough explanation, but it gives you an idea. Book a trial session and see how you feel. 

5) I live too far from your gym, can we train online?

Yes, I offer Zoom personal training and, thanks to lockdown, I can confirm: you can progress at home as well as in the gym.

6) Do I need to be a member of the gym to train there with you?

No, Kettle Club is a personal training studios. In contrast to conventional gyms, clients do not have to pay for membership. A private and friendly atmosphere is a bonus. There is also free parking on site.

What is included

All-inclusive nutrition coaching (see an approximate plan here) and personal training sessions at The Kettle Club

Correct technique, range of motion, tempo, and more importantly, where and how it feels in the body - all are critical for achieving a beneficial hormonal response. 

The program will be suited to your current level of fitness, everyday activities and hormonal profile. 


- you lose 0.5-1% of your body weight per week

- blood sugar is more stable and cravings are reduced

- you lose proportionally more weight around the waistline

- you feel stronger, have more energy, and ...actually enjoy the process

- you learn a lot about training and nutrition and eventually can train and continue losing weight independently when needed


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