Care for your people

My corporate and academia background allow me to feel the challenges of business and stress of corporate life. To feel it in my bones.

And in contrast to a popular belief, staying fit and healthy does not take much time and effort. Even under pressure of the tightest deadline, we can make small things that keep us energetic and focused. 

Small smart steps towards better nutrition, daily activity and mindfulness will bring 80% results. Hire me to help your people get fitter in the most efficient way.


Watch one of my guest talks at Twinkl Educational Publishing HQ:




Informed by the latest scientific research


With care for people and environment


Practical tips and realistic advice. No boring theory or unachievable ideals


Exercise and non-exercise activity, nutrition, mindfulness, behavioural change




An individual approach to every person will mean better results faster. From personal training sessions to nutrition advice to the full package of mindfulness, physical activity and diet - your team members may receive bespoke fitness services and improve health fast. Example: individual consultations via video calls for staff.


Discounted gym membership is a great way to encourage people to go to the gym. However, it covers only a portion of all your stuff members. Going to the gym is not everyone's pair of shoes. Moreover, many people who 'go' to the gym never see any results. Promoting more movement in general, supporting mental health and mindfulness as well as providing healthy snacks are some of the examples. We can suggest effective solutions which your team will love. Example: creation of blogs, tip sheets, infographics, newsletters or videos which can be circulated to staff, weekly wellness newsletter.


I can curate a group exercise program for your people to do at home. Best instructors teaching a variety of classes that your bunch love the most: dancing? yoga? strength? HIIT? pilates? Let them have their say and we'll give them what they want. Nutrition guidance, mindfulness groups, non-exercise activity challenges - this all can be done online, especially if you have a working-from-home culture.



Intelligent and compassionate coaching

I helped hundreds of clients to lose weight. My clients change their habits not because of willpower or motivation. They get skills and knowledge to make fat loss achievable and sustainable without putting all your mental resouce into it.

  • ​PhD from the University of Sheffield

  • 7 years of personal training experience

  • more than 100 successful weight loss cases

  • Level 5 Certified Nutrition Therapist

  • competed in rythmic gymnastics on national level

  • presented at big fitness events (1000+ people)

  • Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer

  • Bioprint practitioner. Taught by Charles Poliquin

  • 3 years of educating instructors (Bodypump, Les Mills)

  • certified Bodypump, Bodybalance, CXWORX, Bodycombat, GRIT instructor