Can you get lean with only 2 gym sessions per week?

Can you get lean with only 2 gym sessions per week?

I asked my readers on instagram: can we get lean with only 2 sessions in the gym per week? And here is the result:

31 % of people do not believe that it is possible to get lean going to the gym only twice per week.

The right answer is YES though. Yes, it is possible to get lean exerciseing 2 times per week.


Yes, it is totally possible to get lean with only 2 workouts per week.


What is lean? Lean means low fat.


How do we burn fat?


By creating calorie deficit.


How do we do it? By eating less calories than we spend.


Contrary to popular view, exercise does not burn much calories.

It is more effective to increase our everyday activity and to really watch how many calories we eat.


As my friend on the start of her calorie counting journey messaged me last night:


She exercises a lot, believe me.


– So is exercise is unnecessary at all for fat loss?

(let’s not touch other health benefits here)


– No, it is necessary – to build strength and maintain good calorie burn. If you do not do it, with time you’ll have to cut calories more and more and more to avoid gaining weight. Also you are at risk of becoming skinny-fat – maintaining healthy weight (because of muscle loss) and skinny limbs, but accumulating fat around waistline.


So here is the answer: 2 whole-body heavy lifting sessions are enough to achieve more strength, improve calories we burn inside and outside of the gym and prevent skinny-fat problem.

If you think that you personally can’t lose weight without going to the gym more than twice per week – this is your limiting belief.

M – mindfulness. M – mindset. L – limiting beliefs.


PS. It is possible to get lean even with zero exercise, but for abovementioned reasons not advised.