Can We Stay Healthy In The Office?

Can We Stay Healthy In The Office?

Been there done that. I know how it feels when the deadline is approaching. The company will pay for your taxi home at midnight. You’ll get bonuses at the end of the year. The salary is higher than the market average. And it is okay to leave home at 6 on Sunday 🙂

And there is no time for the gym, or cooking a healthy meal, or even for a short walk during lunch time.

But can we stay healthy while pursuing a brilliant corporate career or are we doomed?

The answer is, yes, we can work around it.

How we think a healthy lifestyle looks like:

How a healthy lifestyle can also look like:

The key is in small changes. In giving your wellbeing 20% of effort which will bring 80% of the result.

Because to stay healthy we need to do 4 things:

  • Move more
  • Eat vegetables
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid overeating to maintain a healthy weight (And it does not mean being shredded, lol)

Here how you can do the above. At least try to do.

Move more

Going to the gym is good. But moving more outside of the gym can be a short-term solution. It saves time and burns more calories than you think.

What can we do?

  • Hiking to a pub (when you have those rare free weekends and live near a national park 🙂 )
  • Playing with kids
  • Lunch walks
  • Parking further away
  • Active weekends
  • Afterwork walks
  • Walking dog
  • Taking the stairs whenever is possible

Eat vegetables

Whenever you have time, buy vegetable, peel, cut – do the prep. Add more vegetables to everything you cook.

When you do not have time at all here are the tips:

  • Buy peeled and cut for a quick snack
  • Frozen are better than nothing
  • Canned are better than nothing
  • Look at vegan/vegetarian menus when eating out

Avoid smoking

Read this book. And download this app. Pay for it.

And it is not sponsored.

Avoid overeating to maintain a healthy weight

Healthy meals may not always be available (unless you opened up a beautiful World of supermarket ready meals like M&S healthy range)

Some of us naturally start being less hungry when our physical activity reduces. In some of us, this natural self-regulation mechanism does not work. It is normal. A human brain is see-food-eat-it wired.

100% bulletproof way to maintain a healthy weight is to count calories. It does not take much time. Honestly. No excuses. At least you can approximate how much you eat every day.

Take home

The key is in small changes. Remember 20/80 rule?

Here are some examples, so that you have an idea:

Sandwich for lunch? – Don’t buy crisps and juice with it. Substitute with apple and salad.

Free pizza on Friday night in the office? – Eat heaps of veggies for lunch and breakfast

Fancy some pasta? – Add more chicken breast/Quorn (for vegans) and vegetables.

Fancy a cake? – Go for lower calorie meals for the rest of the day.

No time for the gym? -Move more outside the gym.

No time to move more? – Eat fewer calories.