Bikini Competition

Bikini Competition

Bikini competition

I just got a medal at yesterdays UKBFF (UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) North-East Championship in Leeds šŸ˜€

Why competing? I always need a deadline to complete anything, so the date of getting on stage was a great incentive for burningĀ some fat storedĀ during stressful Sheffield winter. In addition I always wanted to prove: one doesn’t need starving, avoiding social events with food and drinks or spending looong hours in the gym to look good in bikini. I mainlyĀ achieved my results by taking teaching and taking part inĀ Les Millsā„¢Ā group fitness classes and eating according to what science says. My favorite classes are Bodypumpā„¢ and GRITā„¢. First builds lean muscle, burns calories and increases metabolism, second does the same, but even faster!

My target is always to be sensible, flexible and healthy with preparation so that the shape is maintainable in the long term. No extreme diets, no extreme training ā€“ long slow and enjoyable (!) process. I believe that bikini category competition shape (or shape very close to it) can be maintained in the long runĀ and is a part of a healthy lifestyle and smart nutrition. While on prep I still enjoyed eating out, occasional glasses of wine and small treats now and then.

Fat loss expert, elite group fitness instructor and personal trainer based in Sheffield.