Baby Kale Salad

Baby Kale Salad

Wash baby kale (I am so happy I bought a salad spinner!) Place it on a large plate (preferably oval, as it makes all the difference, ha!).

Bake a sweet potato until it is all cooked, cut it into cubes and put on top of kale, add goats cheese and avocado.

For the dressing, I used a teaspoon of sticky fig relish (here is my favourite), juice of half lemon, a drizzle of olive oil, and a bit of balsamic.

Sprinkle with pine nuts.


It is a very nutritious and filling salad. I sometimes add baked beetroot, beetroots in the UK are always so sweet and good. Starchy vegetables like beetroot or sweet potato are a great source of carbs. Goats cheese makes it all more satiating and satisfying; avocado is a glorious food rich in omega-9 fat, lutein (great for eyes and skin health), potassium and fiber; kale does not need any comments – we always should eat loooots of greens.

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