Experience the Difference

Fitness and weight loss are traditionally viewed as struggle: 'No pain, no gain'... It should not be so. I learnt that the hard way. I am here to guide you safely and easily through the weight loss journey avoiding sharp edges and suffering.


I always thought it was me. I was the reason that diets did not work. I THOUGHT, I did not have enough self-control to resist chocolate and cake, I did not have enough willpower to go to the gym after a long working day in the office or to wake up at 5 am and go on a treadmill before the working day begins. And even if I stuck to the diet and was ‘good’ for 2 weeks, it would end up in either of these three scenarios:

  • nothing was happening – weight was not going down

  • weight goes down, but the diet is so harsh that I’d go off the rail sooner or later

  • after restricting foods for 2 weeks, I would 'fall off the wagon' and gain weight back


I deemed myself an ‘all-or-nothing’ person. I would be either ON the diet being ‘good’ or OFF the diet devouring all the tasty things I deprived myself of. Every time, before yet another diet attempt I was telling myself angrily: 'from tomorrow - no sugar, no cake and eating only clean foods'. 


I have been promising myself to go to the gym after work no matter what, but more often than not was too tired. Fair enough: after smashing 10-hour workdays as an auditor at KPMG the only thing you may want is to get back home fast. Yet I was feeling guilty and ‘fat’ for missing my workouts again and again.



I trained professionally and competed on a national level in rhythmic gymnastics in Ukraine. This is when I learned a 'go hard or go home' approach, which does not work sustainably in real life.


As if my internal burning desire to look thin was not enough, I was always in search of external motivation. This led me to an unhealthy decision to take part in bikini bodybuilding competitions, ‘to finally motivate me to achieve my best body’. It is indeed motivating to have a set date in view where you’d go on stage in a tiny bikini to show off your lean muscle in all the right places. 
And I achieved the goal, yet felt like I have no control over the situation once the competition was over.


My journey as a Les Mills instructor, trainer, and presenter is worth mentioning here. I have been teaching (truly great!) group classes to hundreds of people in various Sheffield gyms and training fitness instructors across the UK to teach Bodypump™. 
Not only I witnessed how 95% of people religiously attending fitness classes would never make any progress in how they look (yet benefiting in many other ways). I also realised that no matter how many classes I did (it could reach 17 classes per week at times), it would not help me get leaner. You can't out-train a bad diet. In fact, the more classes I taught, the hungrier I was and the more cravings I had - hormones matter!


I learned the hard way. After years of education, research, and working with clients, I firmly believe: the diet should be suitable to you personally, work FOR your hormones, not against your hormones, and not interfere with your life. Your individual food and exercise preferences, psychology, life circumstances, genetics, metabolism, and gut microbiome must be taken into account. The one-size-fits-all approach of eating less and moving more does not work. 


I’ve been there. I understand:


  • how hard it can be to give up your favourite food

  • how stressful it is to dislike your body and feel constantly judged by others and 

  • how frustrating it is to try, and try to change through the force of willpower again and again but to find yourself right back where you started feeling defeated and stuck

  • how painful it is to be caught up in these cycles of gaining and losing weight

  • how difficult it is to fit a fitness routine into personal life and career ambitions


With proper education and skills, this can be avoided! 


Therefore my favourite thing in the world is to help people lose weight without all the unnecessary suffering and see their life and health improve.


If only I met a smart coach back then, who would guide me through all these pitfalls of the weight loss journey and show me how to adapt a fat loss regimen to ME. If only I knew that I could lose those pesky 5 kilograms by training less, eating more, and having more head space for more important things in life, and even enjoying the process!


And this is what any person can achieve! I started my professional life in the corporate world, then academia, and have seen (very smart and successful) people gaining weight and losing health in their sedentary jobs because of their lifestyle. This is a great shame, as so many people do not realise that small sensible habit changes can make a big difference to one's health and happiness.



Intelligent and compassionate coaching

I helped hundreds of clients to lose weight. My clients change their habits not because of willpower or motivation. They get skills and knowledge to make fat loss achievable and sustainable without putting all your mental resouce into it.

  • ​PhD from the University of Sheffield

  • 7 years of personal training experience

  • more than 100 successful weight loss cases

  • Level 5 Certified Nutrition Therapist

  • competed in rythmic gymnastics on national level

  • presented at big fitness events (1000+ people)

  • Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer

  • Bioprint practitioner. Taught by Charles Poliquin

  • 3 years of educating instructors (Bodypump, Les Mills)

  • certified Bodypump, Bodybalance, CXWORX, Bodycombat, GRIT instructor


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