6 Reasons Your Weight-Loss Plans Will Fail

6 Reasons Your Weight-Loss Plans Will Fail
  1. Short-term commitment

You want it all NOW. You want a sprint, whereas weight loss is a marathon. Long-term focus is required. More importantly, habits and lifestyle change is the primary prerequisite to successful body transformation. “I’ve been good last few weeks and haven’t seen results”. Think months! Then years.

2. Pushing too hard

Wanting an immediate result you cut too much and become too restrictive with what you eat. It works for some people, sometimes. If you want a guaranteed success, only eat in a way you’d eat your whole life. 900 kcal a day? It works. Not for long.

3. Misinformation

You choose your diet based on the information from popular media, forums, fashion (!) blogs, celebrity advice. For a diet advice, go to specialists with qualifications, whether it is a website, subscription or fat-loss coaching face to face. In short, they will educate you to count calories and macronutrients and this will be eye-opening. And very effective.

4. Environment

Your family and friends are far from fitness. They want you to drink with them on Friday, share the joys of pizza and beer on Saturday or will simply order a burger while you are chewing your broccoli. Traumatic. They will buy cookies and chocolate and store them at home. And they will not go to the gym with you.

5. Stress

Your job (or the whole life) is too stressful: overtimes, lack of sleep, nasty boss and million other reasons. Many jobs (and lives) are like this. Stress and lack of sleep will reduce your willpower. You’ll not make it to the gym and you’ll not have time too cook healthy meals. Okay, latter are only excuses, but former is for real. Lack of sleep will also make you crave extremely calorific foods.

6. Priorities

You don’t really need it. You have other priorities in life and how you look or feel at the moment is actually acceptable.

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