6 Fitness Hacks: How To Do Less And Be Amazing

6 Fitness Hacks: How To Do Less And Be Amazing

Marginal benefits from small smart fitness steps can incredible. So do not postpone the fitness life for later when you have more time or more motivation. Give 20% of effort today and get 80% of the result tomorrow with these 6 fitness hacks: what we think we should do to be fit vs what we really should do.

❌Running every day before work/ cardio in the gym ✅Parking further away, taking stairs, walking to further food place for lunch

Not only walking will save your time, money and environment. It will increase NEAT, without demanding recovery. Running is an exercise, it stresses organism, which is good, but also after more or less intense activity recovery is needed. Walking is not an exercise.

❌Exercising every day ✅Lift twice a week or yoga if weights are not your thing, etc

Some of us are very busy people. The marginal benefit from increasing your activity from zero to 2 times 30 minutes weekly is incredible

❌Eating only ‘clean’ food. From-Monday- I-am-going-on diet approach ✅Affording some ‘dirty’ food every day, but so it is only ~20% of your daily calorie requirement

Stop lying to yourself. Being ‘on diet’ is not sustainable. Full stop. Moderation is the hardest and the only thing that works long-term and many of us believe it is unachievable, but we are illusioned.

Maybe because many of us have a perverted understanding of moderation?

❌Buying expensive protein supplements ✅Eating eggs, chicken, fish, beans, cottage cheese

We can get enough protein from affordable food.

✅Taking part in group classes like BODYPUMP™ (playing football, going to fitness boutique, doing LBT) because it is more fun to exercise with cool music, with cool friends, and also effective
❌Doing weights in the gym because the book says so (although it is boring and intimidating)/tcol]

If you have no problems with coordination, mobility, flexibility and generally moving well, you can get brilliant results from quality group classes. Not only health results but also physique – yes, body re-composition is possible when you lift weights to music in the group. Some people push harder when they move on the beat and when other people around are pushing hard.


Otherwise get a personal trainer (if you are in Sheffield, I am around, drop me a line if you’d like to try personal training out: 07547716237)

Also, indeed, properly designed and executed gym program will bring fat loss results the fastest. But remember? You need a sustainable regime first thing.

✅Small changes, like adding a bit of protein an vegetables to every meal, substituting part(!) of starchy carbs with vegetables, NOT eating sweets in excess, NOT drinking in excess, reducing (not excluding) sugar and ‘white carbs’, or simply…counting calories and macronutrients
❌Meal prep, cooking special meals, buying special foods/tcol]

Of course, it depends on where you are at with your diet. Some people generally eat very reasonably and healthily – lots of vegetables, protein, and a reasonable amount of treats.

Some people eat mostly ‘carbs’ – croissant/porridge for breakfast, sandwich, and crisps for lunch, pasta/rice for dinner. For the latter, indeed huge diet makeover is needed. For former, just a bit of calorie watching will do the job.