3 Effective Steps To Exterminate Cellulite Forever

3 Effective Steps To Exterminate Cellulite Forever

If you are a woman, you most probably have a little bit of cellulite. Around 90% of women have. And if you are among that 90%, you most probably tried to fight cellulite at some point in your life or at least thought of taking actions 🙂 I am in the trenches with you.

But what if I told you that any special anti-cellulite procedures promoted by the media are bullshit? Some methods like cremes will not work by definition, some methods are too expensive for the insignificant and short-lived result you get.  That’s what you will find out when you dig deeper into the anatomy and physiology. I am not going to load you with the theory here though.

Here are the 3 steps you need to make, to get rid of cellulite once and forever:

1. Forget everything you know about cellulite

I did some research before I wrote this post. I even found the most popular articles of 2017 about cellulite. Look:

Come on, really…?

95% of it was a lie sponsored by producers of anti-cellulite crèmes, electrical gadgets, machines, spa salons offering anti-cellulite procedures.

This is why:


Cellulite = fat + skin that cannot hold it in place


To fight cellulite we need to get rid of fat and/or thicken our skin and change the structure of connective tissue.

Whereas fat fighting is in our power, the skin changes are in the hands of future scientific research. To date, there are no scientifically proven effective methods to deal with the skin giving up.

If a trusted media tells you otherwise, it was a sponsored material or the journalist did not use reliable sources.

If a trusted friend tells you otherwise, she most probably got results using crème/detox (whatever it means)/massage/dry brushing/ burning wrap masks/laser/Endermologie/shock wave therapy, their results were temporary (if any) and in most cases it magically coincided with lifestyle changes (diet and exercise)

No, this all does not “work in complex”. Lifestyle changes work, other methods are the waste of money, mental effort and time.

2. Change your diet

To get rid of cellulite, you simply need to lose fat. And sometimes, depending on situation, gain muscles (about it – later)

There are no magic anti-cellulite foods and exercises. You just need to eat and exercise for fat loss. Forever.

You simply should stop fighting cellulite and start fighting fat.

Even “slender” women have cellulite, because, although they are “thin”, they still have extra fat. Slender does not mean lean. You’ll not find cellulite in very lean women, for example, those who professionally compete in bodybuilding or short distance running. So if you are thin, but have cellulite, and still want to get rid of it… You. Need. To. Lose. Fat.

3. Adjust your training

Add resistance training to your exercise routine.

With age, skin gets thinner, the connective tissue starts to get looser, fat cells accumulate and grow and cellulite becomes more prominent. Increasing muscle mass may be beneficial to take up the slack skin and creates a firmer base for a smoother look.

Moreover, adding more resistance training and dialing up (or down!) other types of exercise will help to create an optimal hormonal background for losing fat. For example, if you are training too much, cutting the volume of training at a cost of cardio may help to reduce cortisol levels, thus, promoting fat loss.

All in all, there is no magic crème, procedure or technology yet to effectively fight cellulite.

And I am not going to give you a list of foods to eat and exercise to do.

Of course, some foods are better for cellulite, some are worse and there are exercises to “tone” the muscles around problem areas.

However, eating these foods and doing these exercises caeteris paribus will not help you to get rid of cellulite. Only the lifestyle change will give a noticeable and permanent result.

P.S. Some internet sources claim that Madonna used an expensive, miracle anti-cellulite machine to look like she looks on stage – zero cellulite, all toned. If you find a woman with the same amount of muscle and fat percent, who never experienced big weight fluctuations during her life, check out her cellulite. Most probably, she will not have any.